Carving Out Time for Creativity

Not only do we appreciate a fun holiday tradition at EnsoData, but we also look for ways to think outside of the box. This Halloween, we swapped our pumpkins for pineapples and squeezed our creative carving juices to the core. Here are some highlights!

The winner of Best Pineapple Carving:

Carver: Nick O.

This pineapple may look unamused, but our judge was thoroughly amused by it. It took home the top prize.

Carver: Chris
This pineapple had one to many Mai Tais
Carver: Chris










Chris took a different approach to his lighting technique and used the tea candles for eyeballs, giving his pineapple a spooky outlook on life.

He carved out a "glowing" medical cross
Carver: David
Sometimes you just gotta go hardcore on the core
Carver: Nick G.










If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that it’s best to have no mercy when it comes to carving out the pineapple core. We also had piles of delicious pineapple rings to snack on afterwards!

The EnsoData Team and their prized possessions

Would you like to replicate this fun holiday tradition? Here is what you will need:

  • Pineapples, of course! Fun fact – they are a universal sign of welcome
  • A pineapple corer – this essential tool makes the process easier and more delicious!
  • An enthusiastic group of people looking to sweeten up a holiday tradition!


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