Welcome to the EnsoData Blog!

The EnsoData Blog is here!

The EnsoData blog aims to deliver high quality informative posts for healthcare providers and administrators, with a huge emphasis on relevant content for Sleep Physicians, Technologists, Administrators, Managers, and other professionals.

We also hope to contribute to the broader online knowledge-base on startups; to make founding a company in the complex, highly regulated, health technology industry just a little bit easier and simpler for those to come.

Topics for upcoming blog posts include:

  • Streamlining clinical operations and management
  • Simplifying Health System software implementations
  • Information on Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorders
  • FDA, HIPAA, and regulatory aspects of health technology
  • Big Data, Algorithm, and Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Interoperability and Data Standards in Sleep
  • Philosophical thoughts on human-machine collaboration
  • Optimizing clinical and scoring workflows
  • Guest Posts
  • Our vision and what’s to come in health technology

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